Friday, June 3, 2011

My First Ebay Sale is Complete

Okay so a customer asked if I could make an auction a "buy it now" so I could ship today instead of next week.  I jacked up the base price a bit and amended the auction (since it had no bids on it) to have a buy it now price for .05 cents listing fee.

The customer bought the item this morning... I went to Ebay to print the shipping but it wouldn't print on my printer... so I went to Paypal and easily printed the shipping which came right out of my Ebay account where the customer had already paid the shipping charge with Paypal.  It printed off my computer with instructions on how to handle it.  So easy!!!! 

Hope you decide to try it... keep reading... let's see how many of the 107 auctions that are left will sell!

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