Thursday, June 16, 2011

Perks of selling on Ebay...

Well this topic could be covered over a long period of time so I am going to mention some... if you have sold on ebay share yours!
Yesterday they ran a 5cent listing fee on all auction style deals.  So I relisted my unsold items for $6.00 instead of $32.00!  Yeah!
You make more on Ebay than yard sales... and can organize it how you want it!
Ebayers are generally a great group of folks looking for deals... you have the whole world to see to if you choose to ship internationally!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 2 unpaid auctions... dealing with non paying bidders (NPB)

Trying to find the link to deal with my 2 non paying bidders was fun because I found a coffee mug that says I love non paying bidders... with a gun on it... very funny that someone made that!!!  And has it for sale on Ebay!

So you just go to your sold section of your My Ebay list and pull down the list of options and choose Resolution Center... but you have to wait until it has been 7 days but not more than 45 days since your auction ended.  Ebay then contacts the non paying bidder and keeps you apprised of what happens ... hopefully you get your money and can leave poor feedback for the deadbeat bidder that keeps your auctions from selling because you can't relist them until the issue has been resolved.

Ebay will refund your listing fees and selling fees for non paying bidders if they don't pay.. once I am through this process completely I will write more about it. 

Ready to try it???? Try listening to while listing items... makes it more entertaining!  Enjoy!

Shipping my auctions and relisting the ones that didn't sell....

So when all the auctions finished I had sold 24 more items... 2 of them to the same buyer who paid before I could combine shipping so I sent her a partial refund... nice! 

Of the 24 completed auctions most were paid over the weekend and Monday I went right to Paypal and easily printed the shipping... I did mess up a few times but applied easily for refunds on that and waiting for that to go through.  I also printed off the invoice at the beginning and used the back side to print upcoming auction information and put my company stamp on it for personalization!  Not bad free advertising for the cost of a little ink and paper I was already using to keep the auctions and postage free.

Another good thing about printing the shipping out is that you can request your postal service person to pick it up that day if it is early enough or the next... right from your front door!  No post office lines!!!

Relisting once I had those out of the way was going to be daughting... or so I thought... but it wasn't!  It was as easy as choosing "select all" in the unsold listing heading and hitting relist all!  Done!!!!

Ebay has come a long way since I started Ebaying and they are very user friendly now if you just take time and do site map searches (rememeber the link to that is at the beginning of the home page for Ebay).  Email me if you have any issues and I will see if I can help you out!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My First Ebay Sale is Complete

Okay so a customer asked if I could make an auction a "buy it now" so I could ship today instead of next week.  I jacked up the base price a bit and amended the auction (since it had no bids on it) to have a buy it now price for .05 cents listing fee.

The customer bought the item this morning... I went to Ebay to print the shipping but it wouldn't print on my printer... so I went to Paypal and easily printed the shipping which came right out of my Ebay account where the customer had already paid the shipping charge with Paypal.  It printed off my computer with instructions on how to handle it.  So easy!!!! 

Hope you decide to try it... keep reading... let's see how many of the 107 auctions that are left will sell!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

108 Auctions are up and running.....

I have 108 auctions up right now and about 13 have bids... but Ebay is notorious for last minute bidding.  I have made back the Ebay fees as of now and am looking at pure profits for anything that sells after these auctions do.  I don't have anything too high tech.  You can go to the SITE MAP on EBAY (find it at the bottom of the web page when you go to  Then go to community and find member and type in designoriginalsbykc.  Then on the right you can view all my auctions to see what 108 done in less than a week looks like.  Hard work is what it feels like.  But it is fun to watch the auctions progress... I was wondering how I would ship 100 items but hopefully I won't sell everything in the first go round and you can relist items that don't sell for free 1 time on Ebay.... so there you go.  I couldn't do any of this without the support of my family.  For that support I am blessed!