Saturday, May 21, 2011

The big surprises in the garage...

In the garage we found a pile of stuff to sell on Ebay... which started this whole idea
Quite a job ahead to start out... but in the pile we found this stuff in was stuff salvaged from my home that burned down 3 years ago... followed 2 weeks later by the death of my husband and best friend of 15 years. 

So in all the boxes I went through I found treasures like a Noah's ark wall hanging my mom had made... a doll set my mom had made.  My son's Boy Scout outfit.  My daughter's baby clothes I wanted her to have if she ever has a baby girl... awwww.  I found tons of pics including a scrapbook that was mine I had made in the old album ( so it has to be redone)... and had pics from my childhood through getting married to my husband.

3 years later we are ready to start over and this project to start an Ebay business is just what the doctor ordered I think.

About me is coming up next.

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