Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Uploads

I had 81 auctions to upload and 70 of them went up the first time I tried it.  First you prepare to upload then from there upload.  Anyway so 11 of them all had the same problem.... I had listed the items as LIKE NEW... which is against Ebay regulations.  So I fixed that on those auctions and up they went.  Then I posted my success on Facebook but can't figure out the link to my auctions.... more research to do.  This is definitely an adventure to list these many items but it is worth it!  You should try to challenge yourself to clean out the closets and put it on Ebay. Ship USPS Priority for free boxes and safe delivery.  Print the shipping off Ebay (I think.. haven't done that yet).  And whaaaalaaaah!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ebay listing is tedious!

Starting an Ebay business is a lot of work.  Listing, taking pics, measuring, describing, transferring the pics.... one by one... now I am at 60 or so listings but I have been doing some household chores too.  We had a planting day in the yard and that took time away.  If you are interested in making money on Ebay you have to list all the things that aren't trash or Goodwill... the list can be long.  List it sell it, ship it.  Sounds so easy!  But it is addictive too... I hope you try it out and contact me as you have questions.  I have had plenty and tried to answer them as best as I could.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting my listings up and running!

Trial and error has been the rule of learning how to list things on Ebay.  Everyone has a different learning curve and way of doing things.  I found a cool website from the author of one of the books I am reading ("Starting an eBay Business for Dummies").  It is .  Go to the tools tab after looking around some and click the link that looks like an advertisement that says "cool free ad tool".  Input your info including the direct link the picture you have from photobucket online picture hosting website.  Now click the bottom of the page tab and see your finished Ebay page!

Okay so it really isn't that easy but it sounds that way when you read about it.  But I am figuring it out and currently have 38 auctions ready to go up at this writing... slowly making progress.  Turbo lister rocks for getting auctions ready for Ebay!

Trying to list pictures on my own on Ebay

Okay... so pictures are taken... measurements done... lots assigned... now what?  I need to be able to post more than one pic on some auctions and it is tedious to figure out the html code to do this.  I will figure it out and I will post for all to know but for now I will bow to Ebays picture service for the few things that need more than one pic. 

My plan is to get everything listed in Ebays Turbo Lister service that is FREE and get my first postings up and figure out the small issues as I go along.  Now back to more listings... they will be published Memorial Weekend and run for 7 days!  Yay!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The trek to selling on Ebay

Selling on Ebay is something I did many years ago and can remember but they have updated so much so I bought a couple of books on the topic.  They have been very helpful.  I have a dedicated email, a Google profile, a facebook page, and support from my friends and family. 

So right now I am reading up on HTML code and the intricasies of massive selling on Ebay.  My goal is to serve friends by selling on Ebay for them for a 30% cut of the selling price.  So if any of you are interested in that get some stuff together for me, make a list of bottom dollar price you will take for your items.. for clothing best listing prices are .99 cents and $9.99.  There are fees associated with listing AND with selling so my cut of the sale price covers that as well as my time taking photos, listing, and selling, then shipping your item/s.

Now to get back to reading my books!  Post again soon

About me...

I am a mid 40's mom o f 4 who is lucky enough to have a great HONEY.    My honey and my kids are the center of my world and God is overlooking us as we reach for dreams inspired by Him. I have a 27 year old named Rick who prefers Dick these days who lives at home and is a huge help to me. I have a 21 year old who married his bride June 24, 2012. I have a 17 year old named Mike who thinks he owns the world. And to top it all off I have a 14 year old daughter named Brandi who helps keep my world bright.  Overall I enjoy a low stress lifestyle in a modest home with a wonderful loving family.

Life is good. God is great and I am blessed! Kathi

The big surprises in the garage...

In the garage we found a pile of stuff to sell on Ebay... which started this whole idea
Quite a job ahead to start out... but in the pile we found this stuff in was stuff salvaged from my home that burned down 3 years ago... followed 2 weeks later by the death of my husband and best friend of 15 years. 

So in all the boxes I went through I found treasures like a Noah's ark wall hanging my mom had made... a doll set my mom had made.  My son's Boy Scout outfit.  My daughter's baby clothes I wanted her to have if she ever has a baby girl... awwww.  I found tons of pics including a scrapbook that was mine I had made in the old album ( so it has to be redone)... and had pics from my childhood through getting married to my husband.

3 years later we are ready to start over and this project to start an Ebay business is just what the doctor ordered I think.

About me is coming up next.

How it all starts...

I am new at this and have not looked at other blogs so I hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful if you want to start at Ebay business.  I am a single mom with 3 kids at home and 1 more that is engaged.  I have a great boyfriend who is majorly excited about this and my kids have chosen jobs so it will truly be a family business.  We are starting with clothes and household items we cleaned out of the garage.  Now this stuff has been sitting there for 3 years ... almost.  I finally got around to cleaning out the garage with the support of my bf.  Next... see what I find in the garage that is a big keeper!

The main players in this blog include:  my kids from left are Mike, Rick (or Dick as he prefers), and Brandi.  They are 16, 26, and 12 (almost 13!  she says).  Then there is me... I am Kathi and my bf is Rick (yes we have 2 Rick's in the same house when he is over so it can get interesting but we are working it out.

Stay tuned for the treasures we found among the ebay, goodwill, and trash piles... but it is looking like a workable space now....