Friday, August 10, 2018

The Making of a Scrub Shirt !

Want to make your own scrub shirt??  I used to work as a nurse in pediatrics and it was FUN to make my own scrub shirts... recently my honey found he enjoyed scrub shirt wearing and I knew this was something I could make for him from fabric we chose.  So this post is all about scrub shirt making using cotton fabric :)

First have a good understanding of basic clothes making.  THIS video by the Crafty Gemini helped refresh me prior to making this shirt.

What you will need:

  • Scrub shirt that you can use as a pattern with a v-neck
  • Sewing machine with zig zag capability or serger for raw side and shoulder seams
  • Iron with steam on and off function
  • 2 + yards of  quilting weight 100% cotton fabric in a design you like
  • Freezer paper roll (I prefer the name brand)
  • Paper scissors
  • Marker
  • Fabric scissors

First start by washing your scrub shirt you plan to use for a pattern as well as you 2 plus yards of fabric.  When clothes making ALWAYS PREWASH your fabric before cutting it out!!!  Give both of these a quick iron when clean and dry.

Fold your scrub shirt in half lengthwise and lay the fold on the long edge of a yard or longer length of freezer paper.  Write on the dull side of the freezer paper for all your marking.  I used a 1/2" seam allowance but 5/8" is standard in the US... you choose as this is your pattern.  Outline the scrub shirt two times... the first time will be a mock of the back neck.  The second time will be a mock of the front v neck.  This will take trial and error to be exact if you have never made a garment before but scrub shirts are fairly forgiving.

Label each pattern piece you make... for my honey he only wanted a chest pocket... so I made a 1 pocket scrub shirt... but I used to make 2 pockets at the bottom instead for my personal use... the pocket design was a bit different on those and if you are interested shoot me a comment about those.  Meanwhile we will just use a basic pocket for this scrub shirt.

Then you have to also make a back neck binding/facing and a v neck piece too... both of these should be cut on the bias instead of the straight of grain.... the shirt front and back and pocket should be cut out lengthwise along the fabric... make sure if you are using a directional print that you lay it out right though! lol

Give all your cut out fabric pieces a good steamy press... serge or zig zag stitch the edge of the fabric on the front and back pieces ... specifically the side seams (not the bottom vents if you have those though) and the shoulder seams.  These edges will be raw and would unravel a lot if not zig zagged.  Now fold the top of your pocket down an 1 1/4" or more to make a decorative finish across it.  First fold down the amount desired and iron in place... then fold the raw edge under and press to hold in place while you iron.  For my scrub shirt I decided to double straight stitch all the seams as a design and durability hallmark.  You can leave a single row of stitching if you prefer though.

You are done zig zagging/serging now so get your straight stitch machine ready for the rest of the assembly.

First add a stay stitching line at 3/8" in the "V" neck opening on the front panel. Snip the fabric at the V to almost to this line with a single snip to give it ease in the finished garment.  Fold your V neck piece you cut in  half lengthwise then fold the raw edges inside and press so that the front is a scant amount less showing.  This ensures when you sew the v-neck in place that you catch the back edge too.  Now sew this neck in place holding the garment front straight at the V.  Once this V neck is sewn on press well and adjust until the fold is flat on your ironing surface.. stitch a diamond or triangle to hold this in place... you may decide to also stitch the edge of your v neck as well.. this would be your design decision.

Next add the pocket... Line up the pocket to the right of the V neck bottom edge at the position desired.  Fold under the raw edges 1 time 1/4" on 3 sides (you should have already decoratively stitched that top edge).  Stitch 1/8" in from the edge around the 3 sides ensuring the raw edges don't show from the front top edges... run a second row of stitches around this to enclose your 1/4" seam at 3/8" from the edge or 1/4" from your first row of stitching... pockets get lots of wear! lol

Now add the back neck facing... fold in half and each side in half again and press... sew to seam facing area of shirt back.  Press out any puckers.

Assembling the garment is easy now... start with shoulder seams.  Pin right sides together and stitch 1/2" in on both shoulders.  Then stitch each side seam to the vented area on the bottom part of each side.

Hem the arm holes by folding under 1/2" then fold the raw edge in again and sew.  Repeat this with the hem across the bottom on the front and back if you are leaving vents ... or all around the bottom if you aren't.

Sew the vents by ironing in place then folding in again to avoid raw edges.  Sew in place and tahdah!!!

Now even though you washed your fabric before cutting into it... wash it all again as a garment and press it well by laying it just like this on your ironing surface and press with a steamy iron.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me personally here if these instructions are just as clear as mud to you ... I am happy to help in any way I can!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Stitching... Sewing... Traveling... Shopping >>> We are home!

This last week has been a bit on the crazy side!
My sewing room... as well as most of the house was a MESS!  And we needed to take a trip back to our hometown.  We had LOTS of loose ends and we both have health issues to address prior to and during the upcoming trip as well!

First things First... Clean up around here a bit!!!  Because I needed Gloria for a very important project!!!
With Gloria now ready for the task at hand... I cut out the pattern Sara Lawson wrote for this cross body bag in Large :) ... and Small for later use too!  But this was to be a surprise "big purse" requested by my dd for her 20th birthday celebration when we take our trip!
First I printed the FREE PDF pattern for this awesome bag HERE and used her accompanying video HERE and started cutting out pieces and parts ... fabrics and interfacing... hoping what I was imagining would come into being in a cool way!  Sara also posts twice weekly shows on youtube and has a fun facebook group :D

I used the last of the fabrics from a quilt I made my dd and some others from my stash that coordinated.
There is a handy 1 page list of necessities Sara provides to make this cool cross body bag come to life in either size so I took that shopping and started my gathering collection of bag making supplies! lol

Soon I was to my arch nemesis... the zipper!

Then the purse hardware called a twist lock... I ordered this one from a super fast shipping Etsy shop too <3

 And sooner than expected... but just in time for our trip to Tennessee... I had the purse complete!

Here is a photo I like the best before getting photos with the recipient!
Meanwhile my honey was in an organizing frenzy in his man cave and in the kitchen!  Check this room out now!!!

It still has some decorating to go... a bit of clutter here and there.. but boy is it looking so much nicer now in our kitchen!!!

Then he got a surge of energy thanks to some medicine helping his back and hip pain and started working OUTSIDE on the bushes!  Here you can see from our front door to the right side of the Lazy Daisy...
 Just beyond these huge shrubs he is trimming is the Valley river and our land continues on above and beyond that until you get to some railroad tracks... they are only used occasionally these days tho!
 If you look at this close up you can see the building up in the top left of the photo... that is our post office for the town we live in... just below that is the rail road tracks and our property is this side of that then! :)
You can always hear the rushing of the river on the Lazy Daisy... we love that !!!

Then we got the new hard drive we ordered in the mail... for the one that became corrupted in the Dell laptop... we ordered a faster and more efficient one we thought... but not sure how fast... so it was time to switch them out...

Well let me just say Windows website and chat people were the most helpful place we went for help for free ... we are neither one tech savvy... but together with their help and instruction we were able to download Windows 10 and upload it via a USB drive to the new hard drive.  I got frustrated at one section of it and walked away... but Rick persisted and soon he had a NEW and super fast working computer !!!
 It is faster than my new desktop in some ways even!!!
 So here we sit now side by side... his oil cans and our favorite lighthouse wood carving adorning our spots... yep still lots of clutter here too but that is okay... we  will find neat and tidy homes for all our "stuff" :D
With ALL of this done you would think surely we would rest the day before our trip but no... Rick worked on MORE projects and I made my dd (darling daughter) Brandi a "snap bag" from THIS tutorial I found on youtube by Riley Blake designs.. but I rounded my edges and didn't use the tape she suggests as I didn't need it....

This cute bag stays closed unless you pull it open with the prairie points!  UBER CUTE and fast and easy to make.. I quilted this one and boxed the bottom corners too!  Each side of the bag is fussy cut for sea turtle cuteness <3

Finally it was Friday morning... Rick had cut down Daisy's big crate to make it Daisy sized and we loaded all we need for an overnight trip to central Tennessee...
And soon we were all at the hotel together and she finally could see all our hard work via iPad photos and vids... and then it was time to open her goodies we brought!

Soon our night was over.. but we did enjoy all waking in the middle of the night for some giggles... Rick is a real jokester and Brandi and I enjoyed his humor ... esp at 2 am!!!

The hotel provided a nice breakfast then off to the airport so Brandi could meet with what she believes her destiny is in New York state!!!  So far away but she is 20 now and it is time for her to carve her own life.  I love you my dd!! <3

We then visited for a good bit with my bestie Connie who came by the hotel after working all night!  It was sooo good to get a great big hug from her :D

Then we were off to trek back to our home state of North Carolina.. and even though we had only been gone a day we missed it terribly!

We did pick up this cool tall skinny shelf to the left of the TV and quickly filled it up with vintage goodies....
 We found a light oak bread box too...
 and an oak and black shelf...
 That is sitting on our mantle for the time being....
 We also found a few clothes while we were thrift shopping our way home... and this cool quote on wood...
 Finally... to share my handwork during all this busy time I am halfway through the 10th row of 13 rows all together y'all!  I have also been working on Rick's new pillow top too in the car and in the hotel :D
 So that is what has been happening here and why I have been so quiet... My sewing room is straightened up once again and ready for the next cool project to pick up on again!  What will it be???Focus on the hand quilting I do believe!!!  lol

For now have a blessed rest of your week and a HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!  And enjoy all the youtube links and pdf link I left you...

Monday, July 30, 2018

Tops are being seen Everywhere here... so much excitement to share!

Can you believe it is just 2 days until AUGUST!!!  Wow... this year is flying by for us... how about you?

This week I worked on some swirly bits here...
 And finished up a spool of DMC perle 12 cotton I was using to big stitch them...
 I finished up that much all the way across ... rolled the quilt down just a bit and look at my view at 71% completed now!!!
I am now ready to star ditch stitching the upper part and adding in the wavy lines in the blue blocks... then when they are done just TWO that is 2 more lines of blocks to do on this quilt!!!  We will be sleeping under it before Fall is officially here I do believe!  Sew EXCITING :D

Better late that not at all.. I am linking this great slow and enjoyable stitching progress to Kathy's Slow stitching Sunday post HERE as I did work on this on and off all last week and this past weekend too <3

I also have another top with progress...
Daisy's Stars is a quilt for our pup Daisy to sleep under that will coordinate a bit with the some of the same fabrics I used in the quilt I am hand quilting for our bed... she sleeps at the foot of our bed and under a quilt I made early in my quilty career.. it is getting threadbare now and ready for trips and other jobs... not the foot of our bed! lol 
I know there are some that don't understand why you would make a quilt for a dog... but our doxie is our kid and we love having her on top of the covers at the foot of our bed... but she loves to snuggle quilts too... just like us... so this will now waiting to be quilted.  I have some batting I found in my stash and a backing I found in my stash... the border was in my stash as was the center parts too... so it is a scrap lovers dream! :)

But let me share what I am most EXCITED about this past week to share with you...
 Above... my honey got the computer back up... long enough for me to pull ALL of my pics and documents off the hard drive... he just kept on messing with it on and off until he got that folder opened!!!  I was soooo excited.  Now we have ordered a new hard drive for this laptop to get it back up and running!  ((Hope we can get it installed and Windows 10 back on it!!!))

And then to make the week even more exciting ... he decided I needed a sound bar just for my new computer!!!
So above is my set up now... he hung the sound bar with little bunge cords and some black chain he had in his stash as well as some cup hooks that go into the shelf above it all hangs from so no vibration as the bunge cords are rubber and absorb any vibration... it is an LG and was under $80 so a good buy... now my desktop has great sound for listening to Craftsy aka Bluprint and as seen here more Sara at SewSweetness here where I am learning to make bags... like this one I am about to make for my dd Brandi!
This is the Oriole Bag and the directions are via pdf with a pattern for free and a youtube instruction as well.. I will be adding an inside zipper pocket to the one for Brandi and I have a cute front open lock I ordered from Etsy.  Can't wait to share this finish with y'all!  Then a great friend of mine wants one in the smaller size... so I will learn with Brandi's and make one for my friend Debbie when her fabric choices arrive next!  Wowee :) 

 I saw this cute shirt on facebook this week...
I loved the layout of it... and it kept me up and sewing for sure!

I also saw this sweet memory bear... remember I bought a bear pattern a while back... well a friend wants some made... I may use some of these ideas... a pic of him on one foot.. his dates on the other foot and a sweet saying on the belly.  These are just ideas though... nothing firm yet... but wanted to share with you all here :D
 And we had some neighbors come fish in our pond... and look what Johnny caught...
 This is about a 20 pound fighting ... brown trout!  How he caught him we aren't sure since he is so big!!! lol  All that daily or near daily feeding of high protein food and not many fishing our pond ... makes for big healthy fish!!!
 My honey took him back to his house with his son and his magnanimous fish and watched Johnny clean and prepare the fish in the river for cooking... he wrapped it once prepared in aluminum foil for dinner that same night!  Uber cool we say!!!

I saw this little meme on Facebook this week and though how apropos it was to me and my honey:
 What are your adult goals!???

And a favorite Bonnie Hunter saying I saw just the other day... really TRUE!!!!
 Well that catches me up with each of you for this week.  Hope you have a blessed week.  If you made it this far please take time to say hello in a message below!  I love hearing from each of you <3