Sunday, August 9, 2020

Hand Quilting Has Started Again and There is some Exciting NEWS!!!

The air is starting to feel a bit autumn-ish with a cool undercurrent noticed from time to time here in the mountains of North Carolina!
While you are staying at home if you know these 2 things and how they work together ... what phone are you using to call all your friends???!!!

Me and My friends use mainly Verizon Wireless for our phone service :)
  But finding a facebook friend shared this Ad ... I had to pass it along to you all!  I grew up using Bell South phones... who woulda thought we really would have video chatting in 2020 to get us all by!Me and my besties got new shirts.
Connie got one too but she has been working so much you just get to see me and Jannessa in ours!!!  We all love these new shirts I picked up for us from MSQC :)

While I am sharing Jannessa above... I wanted you to take notice of her new grandchild Grayson in her arms... he had a stricture in his small bowel that typically doesn't show itself enough for fixing til babies are about 1 month... well he is and he is having that stricture removed and is currently recovering in the hospital being watched as he eats and digests the food!  Keep him in your thoughts.. his parents are worn out and so is his Nana Jannessa!
Being her first set of nail polish strips.. she didn't like how 1 was put on ... so the following week she sparkled it up a bit!
Jannessa did make time to put on a French Manicure from Color Street Y'all!

I love that sparkly nail mixed with the french manicure too <3  And she shared some extra Color Street she had with her oldest grandgirl Addison!
She is 10 and has such sweet hands <3

All these hands were bathed in good quality products too!  This Mineral Fusion brand from Amazon!

At the beginning of the week I really found this quote spoke to me and motivated me to focus on stitching...

As I finished stitching "Kristen"s name...

I remembered a video I had on different embroidery types on Bluprint ...
*now changing back to Craftsy*

Jessica Marquez is a great teacher...
See how she did back stitches along the top and bottom line
she wants to make a satin stitch around.
So left is my progress finished with names and starting on the year they are to marry... and the left is even closer up :)  Very pleased with this ...

And once all the embroidery was complete I remembered I had this stuff...and a soft toothbrush to scrub off any showing pencil markings!  IT WORKS!!!!  Look for it HERE

Now it was time to sew that last seam together I had left it apart for the embroidery :)
This is my 301 Julius... He is amazing at closing up this seam!

I gave the quilt top (flimsy) a good press and then checked out
How Far apart do I need to plan my quilting for this batting???
8" apart is GREAT!  I won't hand quilt that far apart but good to know it is a sturdy batting!

I am blessed to have several hand quilting friends who are wiser than me... 
1st advice... treat the stripes on this quilt top like it is one piece of fabric...
2nd advice... treat the faceted heart like a faceted diamond with V shapes all around showing it's brilliance :)  I loved this idea!!!!  And here is a close up of how that looks>>>
I have a eye shadow applicator & I fill a bottle lid up with water and dip that spongy end in it to remove marks when I am marking with my blue water soluble marking pen :)  Works GREAT!

Finally ... I have the quilt top all layered up now... it measures about 40" x 60" wide.. remember this a wedding surprise for my son and his bride to be... so no showing the flimsy in full here but you will get snippets as I work on it <3
And in this shot you can see my focus today.. I will probably still be working on the faceted heart part of this quilt... but you never know!  It was sure nice to get thimbles back on my fingers!!!!  

Linking this progress of getting back to slow stitching my favorite way to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching >>>> HERE 
and with the gals too at HQAL

Hand Quilt Along Links

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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That is what their ride in life is like... you have read about me and my friend's ride... how about you?  

Share in the comments what your ride is like now... after all the changes we are all experiencing!!!

Have a blessed day Y'all!  Thanks for visiting and have a safe ride!  

P. S.  It took 2 hours to write this post due to new blogger interface... I hope this gets easier!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Enjoying a family visit & Welcoming August 2020!

The month of birthday's in our home has passed now that it is August!  
But let's take a look at the grand final birthday of this past month!

Here is a quick shot a took of our guest room ... prepped for my daughter and her beau Timmy...
Upon their masked arrival we checked temperatures and they had quarantined as a baseline but were more rigid with it the last 2 weeks... following the lead of Bonnie Hunter and others that are trying to keep close quarters during a pandemic we tried to stay out of each other's air space and keep socially distancing... but we were close from time to time...

Happy Birthday Brandi!!!  I caught this photo as she enjoyed a cup of coffee with her beau.
I have Singer 401a waiting to gift to her ... but we just didn't get to sewing this visit... She enjoyed seeing her 401a when we pulled it out of the carrying case it fits in donated by Jannessa (sorry no photo this week of that)... but I do have a photo of the birthday present made by Connie!!! 
She made a pin cushion duo... the larger one has a peanut butter lid for the base... while the smaller bee pincushion has a milk jug cap for a lid she said... they are both adorable... Brandi is using the small one to park her cross stitch needle in as she is an avid cross stitcher...
But the biggest friendship formed was probably Molly with Brandi!!!!
Molly cried if Brandi left to go anywhere without her even the restroom!!! lol  She became very attached during the 6 days they were here!  She even slept with them and she usually sleeps in her kennel!

Brandi also wanted a manicure while here. Here was the beginning...

 I have been sharing about the Color Street nail polish strips and had her some here to put on Brandi... but when she saw the colors of the actual nails in person she thought they were not the same as she imagined them to be so I ordered a different brand of glow in the dark skull nails... Here is how they came... in the mail via a stamp... glad they got here in time!
And once on... and when applying them... the difference WAS REAL Y'all!!!!
These nails said they were also 100% nail polish but there was no nail polish aroma to evidence this by.  I found them to be very difficult to apply requiring precise cutting to get them to break at the tips of the nails... this was NOT Color Street made for sure!!!
This photo was taken right before she left and you can see that they are chipping and flaking due to brittleness I have never experienced brittleness with quality nail polishes before ... hmm... not straying again!
Once I had that experience with the other brand of nails... I soaked off the old polish and it was time for some new polish strips ... this time Color Street was already determined...
And this set took about 20 minutes to put on completely and then I was called to the kitchen to help finish dinner... Now that is one thing about having a house full... lots of cooking and cleaning is going on! lol

I helped with dinner and cleaned up the dirty dishes in the sink... finally falling into bed about 9 pm.  The next morning I woke and stitched making the only progress in hand stitching this week that I did make! And snapped THIS shot...
Linking this minute progress with my fellow hand stitchers of all kinds over at Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday HERE <<<

And here is my other hand posted on the given nail file by Color Street...
This color is an iridescent lavender that has lots of color and sparkle to it... 
It is called "Glamsterdam" and I put it on on 7/29/2020 :)
I really enjoy the sparkly fingertips but they have solids like my bestie Connie is wearing here...
The blue polish is traditional polish and the pink is Color Street 100% polish nail strips...
Connie really enjoyed the process of applying the Color Street like I do ... as well as how nice it was that when they are on you are done fussing with them.  Unlike regular polish when you have to let it dry!  I have the most awesome Color Street Stylist... her card is in my hand above... but if you want a link to click to find Holli Jo's facebook page you can go HERE... or to look at what they have in stock at the US factory in New Jersey you can look HERE.  These are made in the USA and because of the Covid stuff they are releasing their inventory to stylists like Holli Jo more than making available to the public... Holli Jo has a party each Friday and Saturday nights via Facebook live where she sells her available inventory :)  She is a fast shipper too!!!  Check it out :D

Thursday Brandi got her hair cut and colored... 
Molly just can't get enough of her though... she was gone 3 hours! lol
Then finally it was time to pack up for them to leave and see ya later snap shots were taken...

Besides the photos and memories... the kids took home a cool rock they found in our river bed... they helped restore a nice flow of water to our pond while they were here!!! 

Then as they made their way home through Gatlinburg to see the sites they picked up a license plate for their truck!
Meanwhile... once Molly realized they were gone she fell sound asleep on the chair cushions! lol
I certainly hope this less than quilty post hasn't bored you ... it was an exciting week for sure!  Especially in light of the Covid 19 pandemic... but we think we got by without infection and now we will hunker back down and be safe... Hope you will be too!