Monday, August 15, 2016

Good Monday Morning Catch Up ;)

 ~ I have been soooo busy y'all! ~

As I write this to you... I am enjoying a cup of coffee... why not grab a cup of something yummy and enjoy this post! :)

Our Kitchen is Finished!!!

Above is our counter top bar all finished!!  With our "new to us" rolling island :)

Below is a shot of our finished kitchen...
I love the bar area and I wanted to share some other close ups too! :)

The cabinets in our kitchen have a space for the same formica we used on the bar to go on the cabinets... so my honey took the left overs from the bar and made inserts for ALL the cabinets!!!!

 I just love how it coordinates with the cabinets and softens the overall effect of the kitchen!!

Here is a great shot I took showing the new bar and rolling island...
 My current layout of shots on my refrigerator...
Here is a close up of the curtains I made for the window in my kitchen...
 And a closer up of the tie backs I designed for this kitchen too! ...
So the kitchen is now set... a few little things left we want to do... but my honey hasn't been feeling up to working on them yet.. but he will.. he NEVER leaves a job unfinished :)

We Cut The Cord!!!!
 Have you thought about it???

The main thing that has worn him out??
When Connie was here she gifted me and Rick an indoor amplified antennae... she knew we were fed up with the ever increasing cost of having Directv on 2 tv's with DVR's...

So her giving us this antennae and us using it to see what we could get... about 30 of the 45 channels available to us after searching youtube about "air tv".  There is great information on this process there if you are interested....  There are also websites if you google air tv to find what channels you should be getting along with what shows are actually on... if you don't have a receiver /dvr to translate that!

So we bought a UHF/VHF antennae to add to her indoor amplified antennae in our attic...
 With THIS... we get ALL the channels most of the time now :)

And the best part.. after the initial investment of things we needed... we now have in about 3 DirecTv payments... we have NO MORE PAYMENTS due to have local and fun TV too!

This has been a wonderful switch!!!  We still pay for internet and cell phones... but the TV cord has been officially and happily cut!!!

So have you ever pondered this for you home??  Just curious actually!

Piecing Progress!!!

I finally got all the pieces and parts for my next quilt done!!!
Here they are as I am readying to make my first 2 blocks...
And here are 6 blocks!!!!
I am LOVING this quilt to be for me and my honey :)

Here is a drawing I did for a pattern for this... to see how it would look...

Are you piecing anything right now???  I like to never run out of things to hand quilt on .. so I try to piece some so there is a ready supply! lol

Slow Stitching Progress!!!

Starlight... Starbright is moving along.. slow but sure!
I am on the 3rd of 4 parts of Block 7... here is a closer up of what is left to quilt on this section...
 Some of the stippled areas with stars and moons is getting redone as I come to those sections that need it.. for that I am using a blue wash away marker by Clover! ...

 My Daughter Has Moved out...
and is starting her Senior Year of high school!!!

 <<< Here is a pic of her with her new roomie Kylie....
It has been a difficult transition for me ... but the quote above by unknown is very VERY true for me!

I am now an EMPTY NESTER :)

Off to get some more accomplished!  Just glad I got to check in and catch you all up though!

Hope whatever you have planned this week.. you Love one Another while doing it!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hot n Humid & Making Hand Quilting Progress :)

It has been sooo hot n humid here y'all... a few meteorological facts...

  • This is the 3rd hottest summer on record for the east coast of Florida!!
  • We have had only 4" of rain in all of June and July!!
  • Hydration and cooling off inside in the air conditioning is the ONLY way to survive this heat!!
  • July has been in the 100's in the feels like category ~ CRAZY HOT!!!

So that is how it feels here... but is hasn't stopped me from making hand quilting progress!!! lol

You see my current quilt stays on a frame in our Florida room which is OUTSIDE in a screened in porch with fans all around.. 4 movable fans and 1 ceiling fan to be precise! lol

Okay enough lol-ing... time to show off what I have been up to on block 7 of 9 on Starlight .. Starbright!  Here is a long shot...

And here is a close up of what I have left to quilt before moving this quilt.

I am sooo excited with the slow but steady progress I am making!!!!

Soon I will be moving the quilt around to reposition it for blocks 8 and 9!!!  Which is the END!!! Yippee!!  I have plenty more hand quilting to do once this project is done.... so stick with me :)

Linking up to Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching where other slow stitchers gather to share... are you knitting or embroidering or quilting ??  Come check out the hand stitching that is going on all over the world... right HERE!  And then...

Here is my daughter and my granddaughter in 1 shot... my dd is in Tennessee visiting!!! :)

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to smell the roses laid out before us.. so take time to appreciate YOU today!!
Thanks for stopping in and have a great Sunday y'all!  And Stay COOL!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy National Ice Cream Day in the USA!!!

Did you know there was a National Ice Cream Day in the USA???  It was started by President Ronald Reagan!!

And here is a patriotic view from my foyer ... all hand quilted with buttons making a star shape in the blue... I enjoy having made this quilt and caught this shot this morning to share with you!

This week has flown by for me!  I have stayed very focused on Starlight.. Starbright!!!!

First I will share my happiest moment yesterday when I took this shot...
Which makes me 2/3 complete on all the quilting!!!   YIPPEE!!!!!!

Slow stitching is the ONLY way I could produce such a cool stipple... and I love using such bold colors to quilt with on this quilt!!!

When I started quilting this project the last day of February I thought I would be done by the time my daughter returned from her summer vacation... she is gone to Tennesse for 5 1/2 weeks... to be home first part of August to prepare for her Senior year of high school starting soon after.  But this quilt still has more time needed devoted to it and a bit more time.  I don't want to rush and leave poor stitches or incomplete areas.. I want all the quilt to be contiguous when I finally see it in full complete!!! lol  And for when I gift it too!

I am hoping to find a special short verse of some sort.. to add to the label I will put on the back once the quilting is complete... 

Any ideas y'all???!!!!

So I have now started on Block #7 on this quilt for my daughter... here is a shot I took this morning...
I am hoping to have this block done by end of the month or when Brandi gets home :D
Each block finishes at 28"... it takes for frame moves to finish a block.. this one may take 5 as I will have the outer border to get also as this is an outer corner block.. :)

Linking this portion of my blog post to Kathy's Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching HERE... the remaining post is an update to those that follow me whilst I am writing a post for linking! lol

Anyone is welcome to read and enjoy but Kathy prefers we link only hand quilting items and below are home reno pictures and stories... Have a happy slow stitching Sunday Y'all... that is my focus for the day also! lol (Kathy talks about focus in her post too.. hope you go take a look today!)

My machine quilted finish got used this week...
My honey uses it to cover the table and blend in with the backdrop.. it makes the black cases and Featherweight Sewing Machines just pop with black against the white background.

Here is a close up of just the quilt and backdrop....
So I will call this successful!  lol  It has a few puckers at intersections but those mainly disappeared with it's first washing and drying... so as it get's used and washed more it will continue (hopefully) to hide these areas as machine quilting is just not my joy! lol

Also this week my honey has been working on the bar in our kitchen and I went on a walk down memory lane to the house we first moved into... before we started giving it some personality! lol
Here is a pic from the real estate ad....
Notice the kitchen on the left... see how there was a doorway and a pass through window??? What were they thinking!!!

So we improved it fairly soon after we moved in to this ...
Although the bar wasn't super sturdy or even very functional... Rick improved it by opening the doorway up and the wall between the doorway and the pass through was checked and NOT load bearing.. :)  Lucky my honey is very smart with home reno!!!

Well now he is putting the finishing touches on the bar ... but look at this long shot I took this morning... how the opening to the kitchen looks now!!!!
If you scroll back to our original kitchen from 1980... it was dark and not a part of the house... now our home is very cool and interactive ... I love the open concept we have been able to capture here :D

So let's look more closely at the process of turning the flimsy half wall into a functional sturdy bar that really integrates all the spaces in the main of our home...

Adding a perpendicular shorter length wall was integral to getting the wall to be sturdy...

 That wall is screwed into the tile then down into the concrete.. there is NO JIGGLING of the bar at all now!!!

Then he added 2 pieces of plywood to make the shape of the top and covered it with the beautiful formica we got online (lucky there as it was more perfect and completely different in person than it was when we chose it online)!!!

This is a good shot of the variegated greys in the formica and how well it matches those 1980's existing formica covered dove grey cabinets in the kitchen! lol
Once the bar was made he surrounded it with wood edging and stained it to coordinate with the living room ceiling fan and other woods in our home ... lots of secret stuff happened during this step!

My honey has had many professions in his life and home reno guru is one of them... he had many high end clients and saw and made many high end dreams come true so when we plan a project like this... he does the very best to make OUR dreams now come true.. on a tight budget! hahaha!
 Check out the cart we found speaking of budgets!

This rolling island cart (we havent' decided what we should call this piece... any ideas???) was found on our local swap on facebook and cost us a whopping $30 cash and gas to go get it (10 minutes from our home to theirs!).. YIPPEE!!!!  We were planning a cart very similar to this one... with heavy duty lockable casters and we had planned to use the remaining formica for the top of it but this one has nice butcher block wood top!!!

It is a bit worn but not terrible... so my honey will strip it by sanding it down to fresh wood and restain to match our bar edging... then the house will have this wood color throughout mixed with white wainscotting and light/med grey walls... neutral but classy!!!

Here is another shot I took this morning...
My honey let the stain cure then is adding layer upon layer upon layer (very light layers) of varnish to give this bar it's final step for a long life... then the blue painters tape can come off and we are free to enjoy it!!!!

And ideas on decorating this space??  It needs something next to the wall... and maybe a table topper in a circle or hexi on the hexi part of the bar... what do YOU think???

Also this week we had to replace our post light in the front yard.  Another thing for my honey to do.. using his electrical skills! lol

You see when the yard folks came around to mow they were on a loaner mower as their was being fixed... not acclimated to the subpar loaner mower they hit our post and the light fell off! lol

No harm done though as we found one inexpensively that I really liked... so before long after the little incident... we had this shot to share with our mowing friend...

And this morning I caught it at sunrise while the light was still on for you to see!!!

So Casa Del Loro has had a good tune up... We may take a break now.. not sure.  There are many things we still want to accomplish before Brandi returns from her summer break.

So now until my next post ... be safe!  And do a good deed today.. just because you can!!! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Slow Stitching Bliss :)

I am finally finished with my machine quilting project... more on that below ;)

But since I am done with that I have really embraced my love of hand quilting over using a machine for quilting... I am so glad I love to hand quilt and have the support of my friends and family to hand quilt my flimsies... it takes patience on their part ya know! lol

Here is my progress on Starlight... Starbright for my daughter...

 I have moved to the bottom half of the 6th carpenters wheel block now :) !!!!  Yippee !!!!


I am linking this post to Kathy's Quilts for those that are also taking slow stitches this Sunday!

One of my favorite birthday presents has to be these headphones I recently got...
I can listen to all the tunes I have on my phone wirelessly!!!  I love that :)  No more ironing over cords! lol

You see I LOVE to listen to music as I stitch and sew... and iron! lol  Makes all the things enjoyable and keeps my creative side awake to do this! :)

I also did get a bit of slow stitching added to this machine quilted table cover...
 Here is the machine quilted cover on the table.. just don't have the backdrop in place for this shot! lol
White on white is hard to photo well... but it will be perfect for my honey's purpose... a backdrop for the featherweights we sell!!! :D

Once that cover was finished I could resume my tri recs units.. for the quilt for me and my honey to sleep under... maybe to be called "Singing the Blues" :)
Above is 1 unit made... I need 128 of them !!!! Oh my!!!  So here is my sewing station currently....
I am almost halfway done making these units now!

While I have been keeping up with things and sewing here and there and stitching here and there.. my honey has been busy too!!!

He is adding a wall to our bar to be area...
Just waiting for some nice white paint now!!!
And the formica sheet came in yesterday... so soon you will see how the top will really look!  I am very excited about this project my honey has taken on!  It shows off all his skill I think too!  and adds value to a home we plan to sell in the next year or so! :)  We want to be closer to the beach.. right now we are a 10 minute drive... we want to walk to the beach though!

Until my next post please remember...

As a P. S. I would like to remind each of you to Love One Another... we are going through a tough time currently in the USA... please keep us in your prayers if you don't live here... but no one is immune to what is happening here in current days with all the violence and unrest.. so I am changing my blog signature for future posts.. to remind us all to....

So now until my next post ... be safe!  And do a good deed today.. just because you can!!! :)